Research for the case studies of my advanced Psychotherapy Course

This is the month when everything I have learned comes together and I finish the first year (of three) with 3 case studies which show my understanding of the issues we have learned throughout the year. The length of the each study is not the difficult part as 2000 words are not hard to find; its the precision of the contents that needs to be considered. Remembering to place the ethics in their correct place for the issue presented and getting the structure of the report  right so that the reader flows through the work with understanding and interest.

It has been interesting to research the topics of my three case studies; IBS, anxiety and weight loss. I have searched through scripts/screeds to find one that I would like to use and that I think would be the most useful. What I have done is either bookmark the page I found them, printed them off, or copy and pasted into word; all for future use as you never know when they will come in handy. Obviously keeping the source of the ones I will use for the case studies as I need them for referencing.  

The first case study is for a client with IBS. This has been a long term problem and the script to be used will help with the associated anxiety of the problem. I plan on three sessions repeating the script specially written for IBS.  I will let you know how that goes…

The second case study is on a client with anxiety. This has also been a long term problem and the client states on the initial consultation form that previous type of therapy (CBT) has been attempted. Here, I will use two separate scripts; one for anxiety and the other for self esteem. Again for the purposes of the case study, three sessions are set although more are probably to be arranged as three seem too short for this topic. Again I will keep you informed on the things I have learned through this for my further improvement…

The third case study is going to be in the realm of weight loss. Weight loss, to me, is my biggest challenge and the script used for this has been very carefully chosen. I have in fact added a few words of my own on at the end in the hope that my own thoughts and feelings of what could make a good script can be explored within (or at the end) the safe environment of a mature script. 

Now I have the work to do for them and so thats it for this week…


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