Group Therapy

Thank you for those who have been in touch regarding group therapy. We are now full for this group.

Group started in June and will continue for one year wherein the members of the group have committed to attend the group for that length of time as swapping and changing members is not really the aim for the group to come together and get to know each other. For the group to run as needed there has to be some consistency and expectation that all members will be attending for most of the sessions.

Group therapy is very useful for social practice, learning our own processes, and dealing with life in a way that is more comfortable to our inner self.

If we do continue to receive enquiries at the rate we have, we will make plans to start another group. This group would probably begin around November time.

If you are interested, submit an enquiry through this website or go to the Liverpool Therapies Facebook page and send a message, thanks


About Liverpool Therapies

Qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor. Transactional Analysis/ Integrative Psychotherapy/CBT
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1 Response to Group Therapy

  1. Jen Williams says:

    Hi there. I’m really interested in finding and joining a therapy group and would love to hear when your next openings are. Thank you

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