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A Process Group

Hi everyone, I been thinking about what was really useful to me when I was training and beyond, and I keep coming back to one of the most therapeutic and supportive things, a  peer process group. There were actually fourteen … Continue reading

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Self Compassion

Self Compassion, do we even think about it? If we do what we regard as wrong, how do we deal with it to ourselves. How far do we go to make ourselves feel bad. Would we speak like that to … Continue reading

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What are Boundaries?

I think the large issue for clients to be confused about is Boundaries. No surprise really because if we were brought up in a house of rules, we may then have a look to see if boundaries were taught at … Continue reading

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About Depression

Depression is a large topic but I thought I would bring a snippet about it today… When I talk to a client about depression in a session, I hear from them about the flatness, the emptiness and the nothingness. We … Continue reading

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An Interview with Depression

With stealth I come, I have to creep for otherwise you would see me come and be prepared.  You would know it was me, your shield from hurt, your barrier from pain and you would be able to feel the … Continue reading

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Parenting styles…we can stick to the principles

Parenting, where are the instructions!! Is it right to do this thing is it wrong to do that thing? Parents rarely choose a parenting style, but rather, they have a parenting style. Where do we get our knowledge of how … Continue reading

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Trauma: The Window Of Tolerance

The Window of Tolerance is so useful to know; both for the client and for the therapist.  It shows the areas where the client may be in their state of being, showing the behaviours they are displaying and matching them … Continue reading

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How the brain works…yes yours!!

I found this poster from:    nicabm (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.) I found it really interesting and useful for my everyday life. Knowing a little about what’s going on inside, helps to realise that we are … Continue reading

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Coping with Anxiety

Originally posted on Liverpool Therapies:
According to Bandura’s (1988) research into Social cognitive theory, how much a person feels in control of dealing with a potential threat is linked to whether they feel anxious or not. It is the perception…

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As do most practitioners, I like to keep up with the newest information in topics within the world of counselling and psychotherapy. This week, I have finished my latest read which was a great book by Mark Widdowson, on the … Continue reading

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