A Process Group

Hi everyone, I been thinking about what was really useful to me when I was training and beyond, and I keep coming back to one of the most therapeutic and supportive things, a  peer process group. There were actually fourteen of us in the group to begin with but a few people decided that the training was not for them and decided to leave the course, and along with that was also leaving the group for process.

What is a process group? Its a group of people who mutually find out how their processes work and become aware of how they think and say things, how they receive information when talking to others and how we react to that information. Sounds obvious that we already know how we process information and behave accordingly? Then everyone is sorted then! no problems for anyone at all! great!

How aware are we that we are defensive, offensive, withdrawn, shaming, have hidden sadnesses that quietly drive our defence systems, feel lost and don’t know why, feel angry all the time and don’t know why….. all of these we do in the world, but process group let us do it in a controlled way and in a safe space where everyone is in the same boat and here for the same purpose.

What is that purpose?

To become aware and practice within the group and then take that new awareness out into the world and to your relationships and to your workplace but mostly for you to know and feel happier within yourself because of the awareness, because of the release of old feelings, because of the freedom from your old ways that caused you trouble or heartache.

There are rules to group work and boundaries to learn about. These things are to your benefit as we take these things out of the group and into the world. Some weeks you’ll be sad as you uncover an old feeling, sometimes you’ll be proud of yourself as you realise what you actually have achieved considering what you may or may not have gone through. The rules are very simple; mutual respect (everyone has an opinion and no-one is better than anyone else regardless of where they come from, what they do for a living), let the person finish what they are saying regardless of how long that takes (as you’ll have your turn to do the same plenty of times), and speak without shaming or intimidation.

Sounds easy? Great!

Once the lockdown has finished and we all get back down normal and have settled back in, I would like to organise a group for process that includes anyone who wants to join. The group meetings would be held in Liverpool.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on this. Would anyone be interested?



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4 Responses to A Process Group

  1. Leanne Riley says:

    Hi Debra, we met at one of theTA conferences- Cumbria I think? I would be interested in the process group once it’s up and running.
    Take care, Leanne

  2. Hi, yes I think we have met, year before last wasn’t it? I don’t know where you live but the group will be held at the Penny Lane offices rather than Rodney St, Anyway, I’ll let you know when it’s ready to start, thanks

  3. Leanne Riley says:

    Yes that’s right. I’m Garston so Penny Lane offices great 👍🏼

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