Want to try it?

I wanted to bring something up that I feel is very important. It’s about how we talk to ourselves. How do you talk to yourself? Are you nice to yourself when you have that internal conversation? Sometimes I feel that people think what they say to themselves doesn’t matter, as if what they say wouldn’t affect them. I’d just like to say that you can hear you, and every single word is heard and every single word affects you. If you are nice or at least fair with yourself in those internal conversations then good, and I’m so glad to hear that.

For those who are a little less nice in those internal conversations, I’d like to make a deal with you. A little experiment if you like. Something for you to try even if you don’t believe it will make a difference…

Let’s try this…

If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, don’t say it to yourself

Will you try it?

One week, just one week of sticking by that rule

Please try it….

Things to think about…

Why wouldn’t you say it to someone else? Is it because how it would make them feel? How would they feel?

But you don’t think it would affect you?

…and you say these things to yourself every day?

and expect no affect, even though you know it would affect others

Go on, give it a try


About Liverpool Therapies

Qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor. Transactional Analysis/ Integrative Psychotherapy/CBT
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