An interesting year for me…

As usual I’m doing things faster than usual but it has been necessary, but now, they are done. Qualifications needed to be studied and achieved quicker than in a more normal lifestyle but now that they are done, I can continue in a calmer phase of my life. I suppose attending university and doing an NVQ3 is hard work as well as going out to work but I will settle into them as the NVQ3 is now finished. The University Advanced Counselling Course has been really interesting and I’d like to share some things with you as I learn them, using this blog as a sounding board and a written version of what I am learning to be able to rethink the information when I look back and read it. I am just finishing the first year and will within the first year qualification will be a qualified hypnotherapist. The second two years are solely counselling continuing the techniques of the counselling part of this first year.

In this first year the class has learned about anxiety and stress also about helping clients to stop smoking and over eat. Great techniques to reflect the conversations back to the client so that they can hear what they actually said. We also learned about pain levels and mental illness. I could go on, but thats for another day.

I already have a counselling qualification but this advanced course has taken my learning to another level and assisted me to think about my own style and has given me the confidence to put together some tactics of my own to formulate an effective session content to help clients. On testing my ‘mix of bit from this… bit from that’ technique on family and friends, I find that my words are quite effective and are working nicely. I have checked my work with my superiors and they are happy with my work as everything has been tried and tested as safe its just new because I am using the information my way; a way that I think will be more effective. My final paper on 3 case studies will show whether I will use my own methods as a regular thing for my clients. As I complete my case studies this month, my results will be recorded in my report and the conclusions given the end to my academic year. Fingers crossed…..


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Qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor. Transactional Analysis/ Integrative Psychotherapy/CBT
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