A time for Personal Adventure

Thinking about my own personal journey recently, the journey itself has made me so glad that I decided to ‘dip my toe into the water’ of getting to know myself better (when I thought that I already knew myself quite well), getting to know my potential better, and learning much more about what I really wanted out of my life. This became especially clear when it came to interacting with other people, but especially beginning to interact and listen to my inner self, the one I had ignored for so long as I appeared to be so busy, so cool and calm on the surface that I wasn’t actually dealing with the emotions in the history of my life that I should have gradually processed along the way…but never did.

Once I had given myself a little time and attention, I realised how much I had just absorbed without processing, how much that hidden hurt or stress had influenced decisions I had made and I began to feel relieved of those held, hidden events and began to process them and clear them out, leaving me feeling free of them and happier from doing so. Some things were easy to bring to mind, some things came from further back in my history and took a little longer. It all happened in my own time not rushed by me, or anyone else, thoughts and feelings wandered out when they were ready to.

My therapy was so useful. I found that sitting with someone who listens, really listens, not judging or rushing you, is a lovely feeling; its refreshing and soothing, its peaceful yet exciting at times. Sometimes it can bring apprehension, sometimes not. Sometimes we need to look for the light at the end of the tunnel of thoughts and feeling that are slowly revealed but once through the tunnel, the rewards are clear, most definitely clear.

What it does bring is growth, growth in us for yourself, growth in us for being with others and how we spend time and interact with others.

Now I am a therapist and love every minute of it…


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Qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor. Transactional Analysis/ Integrative Psychotherapy/CBT
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