Could I fit any more in !!

In a few days, it will be the start of a change for me. It has been a time for decisions lately, and usually I can make decisions clearly and decisively. This time however it was a little different as the decision wasn’t only about what I wanted but about what I need to do and to work out what will be best in the short term and to follow that decision for the long term.

It is about my job, you see. I love my job but the company has what ACAS calls a healthy or unhealthy workplace:

* An unhealthy workplace is usually quite easy to recognise. It often has:

poor management
a bullying culture
poor customer service
high levels of absence
reduced productivity
unreasonably high work demands.*

* Acas*

I recognise it and want to get out even though my job is something I enjoy.

I while ago I applied to go back to university only to find that the course (or one of the courses) I wanted was full. I applied for another one and was successful. On finding out my success, I knew I had to think about how I would make the time from my job work out as I couldn’t afford to lose pay but could afford the time to stay for as many hours as I do at the moment ( somewhere between 50 – 90 hours a week)….


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