Regardless of relationships in our lives, life in general can be tiring…

For all the talking and the listening that goes on, some days life is just tiring.  It is one of those days today when I feel tired and lazy and poor company.  I am, my friends tell me, chirpy and jolly and always smiling. This observation by my friends is quite accurate on most days as I am a happy person and I continue to be happy today.  I was not working today, nor am I working tomorrow as these two days are being taken as my rest days this week.  I didn’t actually bother myself to get out of my dressing gown until 11.30 this morning, and it was nice, very nice…

Lazing around in my floppy slippers earlier and my hair looking like someone has just ruffled it as they would to a child.  Staring at it in the mirror, I accepted it and moved on to the kitchen for a cup of tea and some toast.  Back up the stairs, armed with both of the delicious items I found a book and snuggled on the top of the bed and prepared to be lazy for the next two hours.  Finally it was 11.30am and time to get my act together for the day. It seemed that the slowly slowly approach wasn’t going to go away any time soon so I accepted the fact and took my time getting dressed.  It seemed to be lunch time and so back to the kitchen for a sandwich and another cup of tea. Housework? Not yet.  I have all day today…and tomorrow.  So, just a little time on the laptop then need to go to B&Q for wood for a job that I will finally get round to this week. Oh, and the washing machine broke so need to go to the launderette. Hmm, this is all too much trouble today. So, 7pm I get to the launderette and put the washing in; leaving it there I go to B&Q, get the wood (also some paint) and head back to the launderette. Change the washing location from the washer to the dryer…wait.. and then home. Exhausted from doing nothing I head back to the kettle for some revitalisation. 

My normal day begins at 7.30am and after having three children and running around, I feel that now they have grown up and my life has become much easier, I am becoming a person who can forgive themselves for having a lazy day. I do like the image on one of the T.V adverts where a person is staying in bed all day reading the Sunday newspapers, stroking the cat and just relaxing; I would need to get a cat though… anyway the thought is a nice one and something I may actually try in the near future. I have all day tomorrow yet but I have to say that after my day today, I do feel more prepared to get on with what I should do if I want my house to run as I like it. Yes, I may have another lazy day again soon and learn to relax a little more instead of running around on my day off. By the time I return to work on Saturday I will have completed all of my tasks and will have enjoyed myself too; can’t get better than that really. I couldn’t have done it a few years ago when the children were small but I do need to adjust the fact that I can now and tell myself that its ok it do it when I want. 

So, all I need to do now is make myself an ‘important things that definitely need doing‘ list and then I can nod off to sleep.


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