Are our emotions complex?

It’s difficult to realise that we are governed by chemicals and electrical currents, but we are. What they do though is so important to our day today living. If we recognise what is causing how we feel that day and how our body is reacting, we can literally change that feeling by inputting new chemicals and changing how we feel.

Easy? No but not impossible.

The most typical example I can think of is anxiety (See previous post on anxiety in depth).

What we have to realise is that the chemicals have no eyes on the world (not with the reality of the world, just with the reality of you), but what they do have is your reactions, and which chemicals they send next, from your reactions, depends on you.

You can feel anxious about a situation in the beginning but then teach yourself to realise that its actually OK and there is no need to be anxious, its just your chemicals getting you ready for something in case something happens, then when you have realised whats really going on, you will release another set of chemicals that soothes the anxiety.

If we say to ourselves…

‘I can’t change my thinking to change my chemicals’,

then you’ll be right, they won’t change, why? because you aren’t changing your thinking and therefore your chemicals. We need to remember that there is no one else or nothing else involved in this process.

This is you telling your brain what to do so if you say you can’t, then you can’t. No one is silly for unconsciously keeping tactics that were used years and years and years ago, like a helplessness feeling of a child that there is no choice, but it would be nice to change those tactics to something that is useful to you today as an adult and in your future.

Easy? no, we are all in the same boat in the beginning, thinking that there is no choice, but then we realise that it is possible but we need to teach ourselves how to become aware that there is a choice.

A life time’s thoughts aren’t changed in a day, it takes practice and we all know how to practise as we do it all the time with the anxiety chemicals, over and over again, practising and practising. The more we practise something the stronger it becomes. The anxiety chemicals are so well practised that they are strong, heart racing, fear jerking and released so many times that they are now practised to perfection, ready for action at a seconds notice.

May be its time to practice the other chemicals and see what happens. What about other people, other situations…? No change there. They don’t change, just you but it was only ever the chemicals you own, control, and practice.

Tell the chemicals that can’t see reality what is really going on. Say what you see to your brain. Let your brain know that it’s scaring you because you had a fright or that you’re nervous about something and that its OK to be nervous about something and to stand down from being on alert. If you don’t tell your brain, it won’t know.

Practise, practise, practise… be patient with yourself, you know its possible because you’ve already successfully practised the anxiety chemicals, its time to practise the soothing ones.


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Qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor. Transactional Analysis/ Integrative Psychotherapy/CBT
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