Nature, like it or not…

Whether you’re a city person or a country person, most people find being outdoors somewhere pleasant beneficial to them and their health.

Actually, it has been found to be beneficial to both our physical and mental health.

Going to a park, being in the garden/yard, spending the day in the countryside. If we can do those things then great, but what if we don’t live by a park etc? Well lets go into why we need to have nature to be healthy. What does it do for us? If we can’t get close to nature where we live, can we get second best thing by knowing what nature does for us?

Maybe we can make do with what we do have…

Do we have natural light? Do we have an outdoor space of any size? Do we have a place to sit and be quiet?

Nature is calming, grounding and most times interesting. Most of all it gives you time. Time for you, time to consider, to be… instead of do. Nature doesn’t judge or demand speed.

How about if you just get yourself a little bit of time to breath, to listen to your own heart beat for a moment, to connect your mind and your body again and be with yourself for a while. Five minutes isn’t a massive amount of time but its a massive amount of important time for your well being. No huge organising, planning etc, just find somewhere safe that’s near to you that is the closest thing to the ideal outdoors that you’d wish for, and take five minutes for yourself….



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