Stress/anxiety group in Liverpool

From October, I am starting a stress/anxiety group.

Based in Liverpool, it will be a drop in for those who feel they wish to talk, either on a one to one basis or in the group setting. The one to one days and the group days will be posted and appointments can be made on a week to week basis for those who prefer a set time to drop in. The group session will comprise of a group talk about a anxiety/stress related specific topic and a physical relaxation therapy session where the group will get involved in relaxation techniques of relaxing the body and the mind. One to one sessions will comprise of talking about anxiety issues relative to the client which could include such things as self-esteem, confidence and social interaction phobias. etc

All sessions last for one hour and on a regular basis can be helpful for:



-confidence building


and many more…


Booking will be necessary to avoid overcrowding although you can always call on the day to see if the numbers allow…just one more!

Group sessions £5

One to one sessions £10

I will let you know more when the details are finalised.

I will be qualified in October to conduct groups and as my qualification in this field is new, I have priced the sessions accordingly, take advantage…

Feel free to leave your comments if you are interested…


About Liverpool Therapies

Qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor. Transactional Analysis/ Integrative Psychotherapy/CBT
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